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General Overview

Please consult the following document for a quick overview of OffGrid's default state.

For an overview of the Factory Presets, please consult the Preset Reference.

To customize the mapping on a Factory Preset or create new presets from a Factory Template, please proceed to the WebEditor.

Note: If your device is not registered with us yet, you will be prompted to register your OffGrid before being redirected to the WebEditor.

Host Connectivity

Please consult this android-specific Walkthrough to pair OffGrid with your Android host device.

Windows (coming very soon) - current state-of-the art for MIDI over Bluetooth LE.

macOS (coming very soon) - please refer to Apple's MIDI over Bluetooth LE reference.

iOS (coming very soon) - please refer to Apple's GarageBand-specific MIDI over Bluetooth LE reference.

We're migrating our Knowledgebase.

Please reach out to us directly via Email for any product support in the meantime.